About me

“…. I was born and raised in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, South India, and now I’m proud to be spending with my family here in Bologna, Italy. I love the beauty of my homeland. Having lived and worked here in Italy for nearly two decades, my affection for Kerala is still giving me a lot of enthusiasm……”

Graduated in Mathematics, with a Master’s Degree in Economics, I end up as a graphic designer at heart with a passion for sharing my knowledge collected from more than 25 years of experience working for a lot of people. I am a freelance transcriber, caption writer, and graphic designer. My other interesting job areas are Video Making and Blogging. It’s my roller-coaster. It’s something I do before going to bed, and something I can’t wait to do in the morning. Without it, my world would be black and white. I love the color, which makes a difference. I always want to be creative. I can never seem to stop creating anything. There is always something, a new picture, or some new idea running through my head. The result is always beautiful. I enjoy new and challenging projects that push me to learn more in the great field of design. 

I discovered my passion for design quite by accident. The experience of teaching myself about this field has been both challenging and extremely rewarding. I wake up excited about continuing to grow in this rapidly evolving world.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt